Thursday, February 19, 2015

Countdown to Fiesta

It's almost here! The beloved celebration in my hometown of San Antonio. I'm getting ready by trying out these new little outfits. Cha Cha tops and matching skirts in silk and rayon. I found these little cactus piƱatas at the Fiesta store!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Chaco Stripe Dresses

Now that spring is coming, I'm remembering some beautiful fabrics from this past fall. This one was especially charming, it's called Chaco, after the breathtaking canyon in New Mexico. I had the chance to visit Chaco on a family road trip, even as a disinterested teenager I was totally enchanted. Chaco cotton Tejana, Cabana and Ballet dresses.

Color Studies

Obsessing on color combinations is a beloved pastime. I stare at flowers, gaze at paintings, play with paint samples for hours. It helps me choose shades for embroidery and aids in the search for new fabrics. I like all the colors! The spin art I found at a market in San Antonio and the flowers from my man inspired this Cabana dress.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Baby

Today is Currybeth's birthday! Seven years feels good. I celebrated by making these two beautiful Tejana dresses. And said thanks to the three sewing machines that made it all possible. Gracias to everyone who has supported me!

Hot! Hot! Hot Pink

I'm a sucker for Guatemalan inspired fabrics AND the color pink. These blanket stripe Swing and Ballet dresses are that perfect combination, I can't wait for spring! The pink Cabana dress is made from a vintage Guatemalan fabric found at an estate sale.

Got the blues

Blue embroidery and blue fabric were suiting my mood in early January. Winter always makes me a little blue, mostly because I can't wear all the pretty dresses I make. Like these embroidered Cabana dresses Blue-on-Blue and Blue-on-White with a ruffled hem.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

kinda rock and roll

I went a little crazy with the bold prints and tie-dye. There's lots of loud rock and roll playing in my studio all the time, it has an effect on me.
Cotton tie-dye crop top and circle skirt.
And cotton African Charlie Brown dress.
The most rocking guitar I know, a beautifully beat up telecaster. See it in action below!

Monday, December 1, 2014

90s nostalgia

Sometimes I miss being 11. Hooray for 90s revivalism! This silver outfit reminds me of the dresses I wore to school dances. Too bad they didn't play Bob Mould, one of my musical favorites from the 90s, check out this terrible picture I took at his show this fall, and the best song ever.

Mounds of Stuff

My studio has been full of piles lately. New labels, books I start and don't finish, 50 half-finished headbands. And the records I decided to listen to, instead of finishing the headbands.....and the books.

Little Mexico

I found these amazing old Mexican and South American textiles at Room Service Vintage, brought them home, hacked them up and Ta-Da! Two new Cabana dresses. Strapless with a tie back, fabric is cotton/nylon/other stuff.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cha Cha Cha

Maybe I've seen one too many Elvis movies, but the styles of his ladies are always phenomenal. High-waisted shorts and Cha Cha tops.

Press, etc.

I got a little shout-out in the April issue of Southern Living!! And then promptly gave away all the copies I purchased, luckily my sister snapped these photos. Also below is a beautiful photo from the November issue of Tribeza.